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Name: Jackie
Birthday: April 30
Sex: F
Interests (besides horses of course): all kinds of art [especially painting and photography], my job [I work for Jeff and Shelley Campf at Oz Inc in Oregon], reading, crossword puzzles... seriously, I'm obsessed with them
Where did you find this community? (if it was through promoting, please post the username of the person who promoted here): browsing through communities


Name: Oscar
Age: 9
Gender: G
Breed: Dutch warmblood
Height: 16.1
Color: liver chesnut
Markings: big white blaze
Style of Riding Used for: show jumping
Best Events: jumping! he also has quite good flatwork.
Worst Events: he's not a super good speed horse because he spends a lot of time in the air... but I'm not complaining! he is also not a huge fan of the shoulder in, but only because I'm a little lazy about it... typical. :)
Awards (if any): mid circuit, 2nd half circuit, and overall circuit grand champion in the amateur owner jumpers at Indio [champion week 3, reserve champ weeks 5 & 6]; won a jr/ao jumper class, the $10,000 Spring National grand prix and the junior/amateur owner jumper classic at Spring National; won the open level 6 and 6th in the Mother's Day prix in May... currently leading WA and Oregon states for am owner jumpers, leading USEF Zone 9 for NAYRC, am owner jumpers, and special jumpers [because he's special!]
Why we should accept your horse (please use details): because he is a really good guy with a great personality [and a wicked sense of humor!] he is an awesome jumper who always tries hard [though sometimes he gets a little cocky and thinks he knows more than he does, which can get him into a little trouble!]. he also thinks he's funny, and he's always trying to take my clothes off... he's obsessed with zippers. when I first got him at Indio, I would clean his stall everyday and I had a walkie talkie on my belt because I was working, and he would always pull my walkie talkie off my belt and fling it across his stall. he's also very sweet & loves to give kisses!
I got him because I work for a pretty big show barn in Oregon 6 days a week [I'm pretty much a slave] and my parents thought that if I was working that hard they'd support my riding since I've put a lot of time & effort in. he came from a friend of Shelley's in New Jersey, and he'd never done the bigger classes when I got him [though he'd done the amateur owner jumpers quite a bit]. i'm hoping to eventually be able to do the FEI classes on him.
Pictures (include one body view, one head/face view, one at liberty picture, and one working under saddle picture if available. Please resize the pictures to a reasonable size. Thank you.):
Oscar and me at Indio:
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My friend Nicole & her horse Rookie & Oscar and me at Indio on a little trail ride:
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Oscar & Rookie after the parade of champions at Indio week 6 [Rookie was circuit champion in the junior hunters, Oscar in the am owner jumpers]:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oscar and me in the Spring National grand prix jump-off:
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Awards presentation after the gp:
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Victory gallop! [he looks like a seahorse, we always make fun of him :)... ]:
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After winning the grand prix:
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Oscar & me in a random level 6 class at Mother's Day:
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