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I posted an app ages ago and thought I would repost it as I have more pictures like requested.
Still none of him being ridden but it is too difficult to get them, especially as I'm not riding anymore!
Name: Jen
Age: 18
Birthday 28th Jan 1988
Sex: Le femme
Interests (besides horses of course): Clubbing, gigs, parties, giggling, driving, films
Where did you find this community? (if it was through promoting, please post the username of the person who promoted here): Interest search

I don't have my own but this is one I'm regularly riding at work
Name: Summerhouse Fly aka Fly, Bugger
Age: Between 7 and 10
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Irish Draft x Throughbred
Height: 15.3hh
Color: Chestnut uh oh :P
Markings: Stripe, maybe some socks :S
Style of Riding Used for: School horse
Best Events: Jumping: showjumping and x-country! He loves going fast and jumping big :D
Worst Events: Dressage...hes a git for flat lessons. Doesn't bend, flex or go soft very well but I'm getting the hang of him. Although he does nice square halts, even direct form trot!
Awards(if any): N/A
Why we should accept your horse (please use details): He can appear very grump but loves licking your hand.Have to muck out one handed otherwise he gets stressed and tries to eat you! When we were waiting to jump the other day he was nibbling my toes as if telling me too hurry up!
Pictures (include one body view, one head/face view, one at liberty picture, and one working under saddle picture if available. Please resize the pictures to a reasonable size. Thank you.):
I can't get any proper body/under saddle ones as it is too difficult when I'm working
Head Shots

Casey and Fly

Fly licking Caseys hand!

At Liberty
Pootling over to see the camera...whore!

Hey Fly

*Oofph* Bye Fly (Is my vague body shot)

Then a video so you can see him moving!
I love him, such a grump though
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