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Pix of PD, Tia, and Anthony

Yesterday I got to ride PD pony since his new owner is on vacation (oh yah, in case you missed it, PD pony was sold last Saturday to a woman at my barn, so I can't ride him in lessons and all anymore, just exercise him when he's on vacation, but at least he's still at my barn where I can visit him, and she'll take care of him, so its ok, kinda).  Anyways, I rode the PD pony around, and my Mom got pictures, and all I can say about my wonderful fuzzy boy is that I hope he gets lots of exercise with his new owner because otherwise he's gonna be a nutty pony (after only a week off he was zooming around like a crazy pony at the canter yesterday!!).

An aerial view of the PD pony :)

His sproinky trot :)

PD wondering how my Mom got up so high to take some of his pictures...  The answer: the judges box :)

Ah yes, now the fuzzy pony begins his crazy canter/gallop/bounding stage of the ride :)

My favorite picture from yesterday :)

Zooming to the left...

And zooming to the right...

And then back to the cutest trot ever :)


Eh, he'll always be my pony at heart hehe :)

And finally a shot of his cute little quarter horse head, minus the noseband that's still off until the place where he got his stitches completely heals.
So after I rode PD I got on my new project pony, Tia, who despite what she looks like is a 5 year old registered PAINT mare (just with no spots).   She doesn't jump on account of the fact that she's so heavy on her forehand (there's no help for that, its a conformation thing) but she does western and english pleasure.  She just doesn't like to move, so getting her to lope/canter is kinda interesting...  She's a cutie though and she's getting better, so I think once she gets ridden regularly she'll be just fine :)

Miss Tia wondering why the camera lady isn't saving her from the evil girl who is putting a saddle on her back...

If all Tia had to do in life was walk around, she'd be perfectly happy lol. (You can see her eyebrow markings on her forehead in this picture).

Tia's pretty sure she can't trot faster than this.

In fact, it takes too much energy to trot that fast, so it turned into this (she doesn't neck rein very well yet so this was pretty much the only time the entire ride that we were attempting it, her steering in general needs some work.)

So then I asked her to canter and she wasn't too thrilled, so her first stride looked like this and included her pathetic attempt at a buck (she's just too dang heavy to get any good bucking in).

Unfortunately at the moment, the only two speeds Tia has at the canter is run-like-a-mad-pony and stop.  Don't worry, we'll work on regulating speed once she can make it around the entire ring without being snarled at and trying to stop.

Miss Tia's pretty moment where she relaxed for a grand total of two seconds and put her pretty little head down.

And then the relaxed moment was over and we went into insane galloping Tia mode.  Silly pony.

And then she calmed back down some...

I <3 this picture :)

She was very good this direction which was odd since its her bad direction lol.

well, she could always try being a reining horse if the pleasure thing doesn't work out :)

And her pretty stock horse head :)
So when I got done with Tia, I hacked one of the training/sales horses named Anthony Arthur (he's having a bit of an identity crisis, so he gets two names hehe).  Anthony is a 17 year old TB gelding, I don't think he ever raced on account of the fact that he's a bit of a worry wart and I think the stress of all the scary pony eating things at a racetrack probably would have sent him into the world's biggest anxiety attack.  He's very sweet though, and nice on the flat, he just gets a little worried over fences (you know, they could eat him...)  He's got a great springy trot and canter though, he's a fun guy :)

Anthony walking into the ring...

Showing off his big fluffy tail :)

Springing along in his big trot, he has a hard time keeping a headset because he likes to keep an eye out for the scary Anthony eating monsters.

I love his trot, he definately covers ground!

Long legged fella :)

Trying to decide if the camera is going to eat him...

Relaxing finally, now that he's satisfied the pony-eating monsters are gone.

Getting into a little bit of a frame even :)

Cantering along...

Giving the scary rolltop a sideways look while passing it...

Venturing around the other direction at a canter...

What a sweet boy :)
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