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Krista or Kris

Name: Krista
Age: 12
Birthday: July 31 1994
Sex: female
Interests (besides horses of course): (horses)lol soccer,watching grand prix shows, hanging out with friends
Where did you find this community? (if it was through promoting, please post the username of the person who promoted here): i honestly forgot how i found it


Name: Pleasant Company AKA "P.C."
Age: 15
Gender: mare
Breed: appendix quarter horse
Height: 15.3
Color: bay
Markings: white star
Style of Riding Used for: hunters
Best Events: hunter/jumpers, jumpers
Worst Events: eq classes
Awards(if any): bunch of 1st place ribbons,2nds,3rds,medals from 1st through 3rd
Why we should accept your horse (please use details): Because she is just an all around good horse. She taught me how to jump and she gave me confidence. I jumped my first oxer on her. She is like my babysitter she is always taking care of me. She goes on trail to. I can depend on her to do anything. She never spooks. I can canter her with no bridle or saddle and she will still stop when i ask her too. She is the best horse ever!!
Pictures: Body View: Head Shot: At Liberty:
Under Saddle:

thank you for reading about my horse =]

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