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This is a rating community for horses, but that's not all we do. Once a member, you can participate in everything we do and have a whole lot of fun. That's pretty much it...

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1. You must JOIN the community and then continue to the next step.
2.You must fill out an application for your horse and put it under a cut. Everything must be filled out on the app for it to be considered. Also, to ensure that we know you read the rules, please put your horse's FULL REGISTERED SHOW NAME in the LJ cut text.
3.Do NOT comment on any entries or applications unless you have already been accepted. Any questions may be e-mailed to dressagedreams (QH2006@starband.net) or oreocookie77 (barnbum889@snet.net).
4.If you steal, talk badly about people OR their horses, or do anything else that is degrating or inappropriate, you will be banned. (No questions asked.)
5.When you're voting on applications, place your "yes", "no", or "undecided" vote in the subject area. Give positives (+) and negatives (-) in the comment area. If you have an "undecided" vote...please give reasons why you are undecided and ask the applicant questions that will tip your vote if you want to. Also, be sure to change your "undecided" to a "yes" or "no" within a week if possible. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS FORMAT
6.You may promote your other horsey communities in here, but only once a month. I got this idea from the mod of 4theluvofhorses, and it seems to work pretty well for her, but please have all promotions under a cut in order to help keep the community neater.
7.ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING WITHIN A NEW MEMBER'S APPLICATION. We will soon be implementing a strike system to control this unnecessary problem. I'll make a post when this is set up, and briefly describe it in the info.
8.Have fun! This is a fun community!


This part of the APPLICATION is strictly optional. It needs to be put under a seperate cut as well if you do decide to do it. Please mark whichever applies to your horse (you'll understand once you read it) with a *, and then total it up at the very bottom. Remember, this is just for fun! :D


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usbarn_bums- A community for horse-obsessed people to get together, talk, and share stories about their horses and their lives. All together a fun community for anyone who's horse crazy!

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equestrianeq- EquestrianEQ is a community for rating people's equitation as well as their horses preformance. The applicant chooses whether to have themselves rated or their horses or both. This community is a fun community that's critical but not mean to it's applicants and it requires more than the average community from its applicants meaning only those who really want to be there will be.

Please contact dressagedreams or oreocookie77 if you would like to be an affiliate.


dressagedreams and oreocookie77

Credit to Dana's Doodles for the images used in the Accepted and Rejected banners!

NOTE: Once you are accepted into this community, you are automatically excepted at _cowboyup, the sister community that has all the fun stuff. This community is strictly a rating community. _cowboyup is an option once you are a member.


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This community was founded by __letmego, who managed it until August 27,2005. Unfortunately, she no longer has time to run it, and has handed main control over to dressagedreams and oreocookie77. As of now, dressagedreams and oreocookie77 has control over everything that goes on within the community. Listen to them.