missgingergray (missgingergray) wrote in rate_a_horse,

Gimmethebigbucks, part two!

I posted an application waaay back, which can be found here, and I recently got a few videos uploaded from a show earlier this month. Go check it out!


PS- Be prepared to be seasick in the beginning of this one!



During a break before the hunt seat classes:

He still needs some work, but he's a super good boy. Oh yeah... don't mind my leg getting way too far back in Equitation... I could use some work, too! LOL :)
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Just figured I'd go ahead and actually make sure you knew you were accepted, seeing as everyone said a resounding yes to you way back when but we never actually said you were, thought you might like it to be oficial lol.

He's gorgeous btw :)
Thanks :)

Oh, and I was accepted- here: http://community.livejournal.com/rate_a_horse/76947.html#cutid1

Sorry for the confusion! Just felt like posting my videos here since I put them on my own LJ ;)
nerr... that was probably my fault. He's a nice looking boy.
Ha ha- no worries, you already accepted me! (Here: http://community.livejournal.com/rate_a_horse/76947.html#cutid1)

And thanks, I think he's cute :)